Jodi Goddard has been my coach for two years now.  I started seeing her while going through a very confusing and painful divorce.  I think the best way to describe my state of  mind at that point was “lost”.  From the first time we talked, I knew she was going to be a saving grace in my life and I was right.  Jodi has a gift.  She has the ability to come from a place of love, even in challenging situations.  She never judged me, she only wanted to help me understand my self worth and that I was deserving of love, happiness and peace in my life.  I am seriously a different person because of the tools she has given me to help me in my life. I will be forever grateful to Jodi for helping me realize my goals and cultivate healthy relationships



Jodi has been an angel of light and hope to me through the past 8 years. She has been my guiding light through the darkness when I was lost in the caverns of self doubt. Originally I wanted to create, promote and teach a University level class and she helped me to make that a reality.

But the biggest challenge was coaching me out of two abusive situations.
No small task because I didn’t think I deserved better. Now I am free and happy and building my new life. All thanks to her loving guidance and inspired wisdom.

Thank you Jodi!

—Jan St.Clair-Bowen


Jodi is different.  So many of us have guilty ties to our actions of the past, or focus too much on what’s next.  Jodi focuses on the moment.  She is a muse of the moment.  In a session with her, you are enraptured.  Her dedication to her craft manifests itself in her direct insightful and introspective life questions.

I never examined my motivations, fears, or beliefs like I did in my sessions with her.  She is different because she holds your hand while you plunge into life questions without apprehension.  Jodi is fearless when it comes to discovering the thoughts behind the issue, but her finesse and grace are the cement in her technique.  Her approach to self examination and unrelenting pursuit for self-truth led me to writing this testimonial.  The peace I feel is priceless and I owe it to her.  If you need change and light in your life, you have found it.

—Camie Mosley, writer


I’m a strong person today and it has a lot to do with Jodi and her coaching. I lost my husband four years ago and unexpectedly become a widow. I was a wreck. I had never experienced so much grief and heartache.

I liked what Jodi was about, but I had never hired a coach before and didn’t know what to expect. Our sessions were really powerful from the start. They got me through my week and helped me immediately move beyond my story. Jodi helped me to dig deeper and find my truth, rather than going over and over the problem.

It’s not fun to go back into the dating world, but Jodi did not allow me to stay stuck in that victimhood of “poor me.” She has helped bring me into a good place today. These are lifelong tools that I now use to coach and empower myself.

Jodi is positive, professional, and compassionate. I recommend her to anyone going through a challenge. This is her extraordinary gift to the world. 

—Eileen Fletcher


Jodi is an amazing coach!  She was born to do it.  Her compassion is boundless and I felt wrapped in love and support during every session.  She taught me how to have more compassion for myself, an invaluable gift.


Jodi is full of great ideas and positive energy for making big changes in your life. She is quick to identify the core problem and help you come up with solutions to overcome it. I have notebooks filled with her wisdom from working together. Her support and energy makes a big difference. Jodi always has this positive glow around her that is wonderful!

—Lindsay, author